Products Sourcing

Our company work with large chains of farmers across Nigeria, West Africa countries. We practically have a system of products sourcing of any agro products; our team of personnel were well trained to interact and engage with local farmers in ruler areas. We have the ability to source any large amount of products for our clients and effectively delivered on time.

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    Mcelite Nigeria Ltd was established in the year 2012 with a mission to carry out exportation of agro commodities and non agro commodities from Nigeria, West African States, and Africa.

Contact Information

  • Head Office: Block F , Room 4 , Association Plaza, Cement B/stop , Abeokuta Expressway , Dopemu , Agege , Lagos State.Nigeria

  • Branch Office: 14/29 Importers Line, Central Mrk Ochanja, Upper Iweka Rd, Onitsha , Anambra State.Nigeria

  • +234-706-4674-201